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The Dichotomy of Creativity

Every service we provide is powered by a team with the right expertise, creative ideas, customer-centric approach and a robust process.
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Both constraints and flexibility produce an environment where innovation can flourish.

Every industry, company, and leader I talk to today is concerned about innovation. With the speed of change and competition, they realize that they must continually innovate to survive. But innovation is an elusive goal. What is it, how can we nurture it, and how do we make it happen?

Innovation is most difficult because it is, by its nature, dichotomous and misunderstood.

Innovation defined

"Innovation is creativity plus application." - Karen Hough

Creativity and innovation are not the same thing. Creativity is the wonderful ability to envision anything and see the impossible working. And innovation is the application of creativity. Simply put: Innovation is creativity plus application.

In its empirical form, creativity is basically the theory, idea, thought, and vision. The moment that creativity is applied in paint to a canvas, notes to a score, or design to a building, it becomes innovation. It must be applied. And that’s what changes everything—the creative component is now affecting the world in its applied form.

That brings us to the next challenge: Why can’t teams come up with creative ideas? Different environments can be conducive to innovation. (Read Full Article Here)