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ImprovEdge Blog

Improvise to Be a Better Leader

Being a better leader comes down to one thing: Saying yes! If you can create space for “yes” in your day, you’ll grow improvisational behaviors like flexibility, positivity and humor, connect with people, and build trust amongst your team. When you can do that, you’ll have a team that’s fully [...]

Grow Your Team’s Equity, Get Better Results

The equity amongst your team members is one of the most valuable assets in your business. While the traditional definition of the word brings words like fair, just or impartial to mind, team equity extends beyond these ideas. When everybody contributes, is respected and their differences recognized [...]

Is Your Presentation As Good as You Think It Is?

Remember the rules your parents used to beg you to follow, and hoped that you would, so you’d grow up to be a decent adult? Now, you should break some rules  –  especially when it comes to giving a presentation. Because tired, old presentation norms just won’t cut it any longer. One of the rules [...]

The 1 Skill You Need to Be a Great Leader [VIDEO]

Communication, innovation, presentation skills, relationship building  –  these are just some of the skills that make a good leader great. But there’s one skill that many business leaders aren’t developing. And it’s one factor that could propel you from being good  –  and sitting square in the [...]

Women: How You Can Literally Take a Seat at the Table

Have you wondered what it would feel like to sit at “The Boardroom” table? You don’t have to imagine it. Try it out! This is the message originally published in a Huffington Post article. It recounts the experience of a few aspiring women who wondered what it would be like to sit in The Big Seat [...]

Business Skills With an Improv Twist: The Ultimate Combo

Trust is at the root of business success. When your team’s trust is low, people get stressed, which affects their health, mental capabilities and emotional stability. In effect, a lack of trust prevents you from working together effectively.

How Tiny Ideas Become Big Innovations

A great idea typically isn’t born that way. It’s birthed from a tiny seed of an idea, and it’s often powered by your team’s collaboration. You can encourage your team to work together and become more creative by putting building blocks into place that ensure there’s a space for great ideas.

Do You Know How to Negotiate at Work? Women Have a Unique Advantage [VIDEO]

Do you know the strengths that you bring to the negotiation table as a woman? What about your weaknesses? Female negotiators have distinct advantages. But you need to know the classic mistakes women make to avoid them, and then harness your strengths to your advantage. In this video, we’re covering [...]

Be a “Bad” Presenter and Break This Rule

Polished. Rehearsed. Educational. These are just a few of the words people usually associate with a good presentation. But nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t want to just give a good speech, you want to “wow” the audience, right?

2 Exercises to Make Any Team More Creative

Could your workplace use a splash of positivity? Does the door need to open to make room for creativity? By improvising your way to creating a “Yes!” space, you and your team can establish an environment where ideas flourish. And it all starts with greeting every idea with agreement. Now, just [...]